Dog Training for Families with Children

Welcome to The Canine-Kid Connection!

You've come to the right place for help with your dog around your children. That's our specialty!

Frustrated when your dog doesn't listen to you? Do you know your dog needs training but you just don't have the time to do it yourself? Not sure how to handle your dog's reaction to your kids?

You're not alone - many families with dogs and kids struggle every day with those same problems.

But don't worry - The Canine-Kid Connection can help. We love dogs and children and we love helping them get along with each other!

Imagine your dog transformed into a calm, responsive family member who listens to you, responds quickly, and is a joy to live with, so that you can stop worrying and relax, knowing your home will be calm and safe.

So whether you're expecting a new baby and just want to prepare, or you already have kids and would just like help getting your dog to listen around them, we're here to help! Give us a call and tell me all about what's going on.

 Meet Jane

Dogs?  Babies?  Toddlers?
Chaos in your home?  Need help?

Contact me at or 510-869-3799.  I will help you end the chaos,so your home is calm and relaxed and your dog listens and responds to you!


Why The Canine-Kid Connection?

New baby on the way? Not sure how your dog will react?

Does your dog jump up on you, bark for attention get wildly   excited when the doorbell rings?

Has your dog been nervous around children in the past?

If you have a crawling baby or a toddler, is your dog reacting badly to your baby's new behaviors?

Does he get overexcited with older children, playing roughly with them, chasing them and jumping on them?

Is your dog ever protective of his food or toys?

Are you worried that your dog might hurt your children?

Does your home feel like Grand Central Station at times?

I’ve had decades of experience working with people and dogs, and I understand families with dogs and kids. If you’re expecting a baby and you’re wondering how your dog will react to the new arrival, or you need help with your dog's behavior around your children, call me today at 510-869-3799.

Whether you need help teaching your dog new, child-friendly behaviors before a new baby arrives, or you’re wondering how to manage the chaos of dogs and kids, I can help you maintain calm and safety at home while avoiding problems.

And if your children are old enough to be included in dog training, I’ll show them how to have fun teaching the dog tricks, while learning safe, humane behavior around dogs.

Imagine how much easier your life will be when your dog is well mannered, listens to you, and is good around your children!

Questions?  For more information, email or call me for a prompt response!

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The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Feet

Dog training for families with babies, toddlers and children.


Help! I have a New Puppy!

Help with house training, puppy nipping, chewing and more!



Ready to get started? Contact me at or 510-869-3799.

“I was looking for a trainer to help us with our very lovable, but spoiled 3 year old Bichon Frise. Jane came to our house and was very loving with our dog, and so sweet with our children! We all looked forward to our training sessions with Jane. She adapted the training methods to our dog’s behavior. She’s not a “one size fits all” type of trainer. It was amazing to watch our dog respond to her. She answered our questions and provided guidance in between lessons, and gave us great pointers. We are still working with our dog on our own, and I am pleased to say that Jane’s training is working! I highly recommend her!”

—DA, Oakland

The Canine-Kid Connection provides dog training in: Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Kensington, Richmond, Pinole, El Sobrante, Hercules, Rodeo.

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