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The Stork is Coming!

You’re getting ready for your new baby.  How about your dog?

Any of your dog’s behaviors you’d like to change, perhaps jumping up, barking for attention, pulling on leash? Does your dog guard her food or toys? Now is the time for training to change those behaviors and teach your dog new, baby-friendly skills. And if your dog has ever been nervous or unfriendly around babies or young children, it’s important to help her learn now, before baby arrives, that kids are okay!

I will show you simple, effective ways of training that are fun for both you and your dog, so she enjoys learning new behaviors and dropping the old ones. And you can relax about bringing baby home, with a plan for introducing dog and baby.

Our rescue mutt has always had some behaviors that were annoying, such as jumping up, going wild when we had visitors, and barking for attention. We lived with these things for years, but when we found we were expecting our first baby, we knew we had to get a handle on Rusty’s unruly behaviors. We called The Canine-Kid Connection because Jane’s training helps families prepare their dogs for a new baby. Jane taught us many ways that we could help Rusty calm down and be more responsive to us after our baby came home. She also helped us learn how to safely introduce our new baby to him. We feel so much more relaxed now because of our time with Jane!

—GW, El Cerrito

Dog Meets Baby

How will your dog react? How will you introduce your new baby to your dog?

I will help you develop a plan that takes the guesswork out of the “getting to know you” phase, and show you how to “read” what your dog is telling you. This way you know ahead of time how to keep things calm and safe.

The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Feet—Baby Crawls, Walks and Runs

Your baby’s new skills are exciting landmarks for you, but they can be confusing and unsettling for your dog.

Your baby is growing, developing and changing, and your dog may be nervous about baby’s new behaviors. I will show you the best way of keeping their time together safe, while helping your dog relax as she gradually adjusts to the baby’s development.

Jane was extremely helpful with our 10 year old miniature pinscher mix and 2 year old daughter. We highly recommend her! Jane walked us through different management and training techniques to create a safe environment for our high energy daughter and high energy/high anxiety dog. Not only did she make a house call, she followed up with an email. I found that to be incredibly helpful, and she even called up a few weeks after to check in and see if we had any questions. Five stars for sure!

—SO, Oakland

Puppies and Children

Bringing a puppy into your family is like having another baby, but this is a baby that runs faster than you do, bites with needle-sharp teeth, doesn’t wear diapers, and several times a day races around the house like a mad thing. Help!!! Where’s the OFF button???

Puppies can be a lot of challenge in a little body. In addition to potty training, there’s puppy nipping and chewing, crate training, and all the life skills you want your puppy to learn. And then there’s that all-important matter of socialization. What’s a parent to do?

Some helpful tips about raising your puppy are definitely needed here, especially with young children in the house. I’ve raised many puppies of my own, as well as helped with others’ puppies, and I will work with you to find the best plan for your family. And if you need extra help with your new puppy, I can provide that too.


I was really discouraged with my new dog Lily!  She bit one of my grandchildren’s friends and that was nearly the end! However, working with The Canine-Kid Connection, I was able to learn how to change Lily’s behaviors. Jane helped me to bring Lily back into our family so everyone felt secure again.

CL, Berkeley


Grandparents with Dogs

Visiting children can mean a change in your dog’s normal routine, a change that may be hard for your dog to cope with. I will show you how to tell if your dog is nervous or stressed, and help you form a plan to make sure that next time your dog and grandchildren are together, you can avoid problems and keep the visit a relaxed, pleasant one.


No Kids?  No Problem!

I’m happy to work with families who have dogs that need help, whether there are children in the family or not. If I can help you, I will!


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